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Jan 18, 2023 | Kings | 1 comment

The Kings County Retired Teachers’ Assoc wants to congratulate JOHN KIERSTEAD on his investiture with a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Award. This award was given in recognition of his on-going volunteering and service to students since the early 2000’s. Premier Hon Blaine Higgs and Lieutenant-Governor Brenda Murphy presented the award to John and others on November 07, 2022, in an investiture ceremony at the Qplex, in Quispamsis, NB.

Retired Teacher Honored

These awards are being given out to deserving people for their outstanding volunteerism in their community. John is a retired teacher with thirty-seven years experience, retiring from Lakefield Elementary School in 1995. After teaching in various schools and at different levels in Saint John and Kings County, he joined the staff at Lakefield Elementary in 1978 as the Special Education teacher.

It was early in the new millennium when a couple of his colleagues came to him and asked if he would consider coming into the school to read to students. This he did willingly and still does, going into Lakefield Elementary School and, since its opening, Chris Saunders Memorial Elementary School.

He alternates each week between the two schools. When he goes to read to students, he takes along his suitcase with “relics of the past”. He uses these “show & tell” relics to educate the students about what daily life was like prior to all of the technology that we have today. The students are keen to learn what life was like for their grandparents. He also talks to them about the background of the local Quispamsis area.

It is evident talking with John how much he enjoys working with young people and continuing to be involved in the school scene. He and the students have developed a special wave that they use when they see each other out in the community; the wave is slightly different depending upon the elementary school where the student is enrolled.

The KCRTA is pleased to see John recognized with this honour. John himself is humbled and overwhelmed from being nominated and selected for the award. To John, the KCRTA simply says: “It is well-deserved!”

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  1. Diane O'Connor

    What a lovely honour for someone so dedicated to teaching and to students! Very well deserved! Congratulations, John.

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