Carleton-North York

Branch Executive

President/Director: John Wetmore

1st Vice-President/Director: John Irvine

2nd Vice-President: Sharon Morrison

Branch email:



Secretary: Teri Ann Gibson

Treasurer: Trisha Robinson

Past President: Jill Craig

Next Branch Election: Spring 2022

Latest Branch News

SPOT Light – February 2021

James Page loves to see a rough woodworking project transformed into something unique and beautiful, including a grand . . .

SPOT Light – January 2021

“The most rewarding experience for me was winning three gold medals when I competed in the Canadian Masters in Toronto in 2017 ..."Learn more about Carleton-North York's nationally acclaimed athlete ... Ross Belyea Previous SPOTLight Editions: Trisha Robinson...

A Little Bit of Sunshine

A LITTLE BIT OF SUNSHINE - During the month of December, the Branch’s Sunshine and Remembrance Committee members coordinate the purchase and delivery of gifts and cards to retired members who are shut-in or are in assisted living facilities.  This year’s contacts will...

Happy Memories

HAPPY MEMORIES - A bus filled with happy faces from Carleton-North York Branch left for the McAdam Train Christmas Tour in November of last year.  Those taking the Tour enjoyed the visit to the heritage railway station as they viewed its spectacular and varied...

Welcome Visits

WELCOME VISITS - The Carleton-North York Branch continues to reach out to its members despite the current coronavirus epidemic.  Jill Craig, Past President, coordinated a program to make use of the wellness grant from the NBSRT.  Six Branch members dropped off items...

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