Central Branch

Branch Executive

President: Pat Whipple

Vice-President: Rod Campbell

Co-Secretary: Lori Donovan

Branch email:  central.branch@nbsrt.org


Treasurer: Joey Niles

Past President: Noreen Bonnell

Co-Secretary: Ferne Noonan

Dan Yeamans
Mary Jo McIntosh
Dow Price
Provincial – Diana Pike

Latest Branch News

Trivia Challenge a Success

NBSRT’s first online Trivia Challenge was a great success.  Based on 50 possible answers about cooking, musical themes from . . .

Trivia Challenge

Register for NBSRT’s very first general knowledge Trivia Challenge about cooking, TV themes, baby animals, literature, and more.  Produced by an experienced “quiz master” . . .

Storytelling Time

A Christmas Connection

Central Branch members along with guests, fiddler David Neilsen and pianist Carolyn Holyoke, enjoyed 45 minutes of Christmas carols via video conference on Tuesday Dec 15th.  Not to be outdone by David’s top-hat, storyteller Rod Campbell wore his authentic...

Central Branch Flashback

Central Branch members are looking forward to being able to socialize again. In the meantime, they remember the fun they had at the UNB Wellness Camp, dinner at Kings Landing, bowling, and general get-togethers.  

Branch Photo Gallery