Charlotte Branch

Branch Executive

President/Director: Tom Hendershot

1st Vice-President: Ghislain Wheaton

2nd Vice-President: Tim Stuart

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Secretary: Nadine Holmes

Treasurer: Lynn Farmakoulas

Past President: Wayne Spires

Latest Branch News

Dessert Challenge

When Charlotte Branch has a get-together, there’s no shortage of desserts.  Whether its an example of the NBCC St Andrews Culinary Tech and Hospitality Class’ fine cuisine, the Kingsbrae Gardens' dessert buffet bar, or the cozy recipes from Dominion Hill Country Inn’s...

Getting Here From There

Do you find it hard to get to an NBSRT meeting?  If you live on Deer Island, Campobello, or Grand Manan that’s perfectly understandable.  In most cases, getting to mainland New Brunswick involves travelling on ferries that are affected by wind, weather, and tides.  If...

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