Executive Meeting

Feb 17, 2021 | Meetings | 1 comment

The NBSRT February Executive Meeting was held on the 16th with everyone in attendance despite the nasty weather – one of the advantages of Zoom. Many topics were discussed and decisions made. For example, the executive considered a first draft of next year’s budget. We also discussed membership statistics and approved new strategies and a contest to encourage enrolment of new members. In addition, the executive considered reports and recommendations from our committees and authorized communication with committee chairs to gather information relevant to the strategic plan.

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Last week's poll was so close with only 2 votes separating the 3 choices! 1st:Short Video, 2nd:Official Minutes, 3rd:Succinct Summary! Interpretation of these are very useful for the Online Media Committee! What are your other viewing preferences?

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1 Comment

  1. Marg Urquhart

    Always working on our behalf!! I look forward to regular updates. I will be especially interested in progress on and the results of the strategic planning process. Keep up the good work.