From The President – March 2022

Mar 17, 2022 | NBSRT News, Notice | 3 comments

I promise to start concentrating on the positive things happening every day.

I have been very discouraged for the last little while with the negative images I  am seeing every time I turn around. Whether it be the heartbreaking images coming out of Ukraine or the mindless people featured on social media who constantly seek conflict by verbally and sometimes physically attacking cashiers, flight attendants, police, teachers or just about anyone in society. When did it become common place to have people think it is alright to be abusive to those who are just trying to do their jobs?

But I got thinking this morning that it is time to start concentrating on the positive again. Last night we hosted our second webinar on the topic of “Tax Tips”. We had almost 100 people register and we maintained 55-57 participants through the one-hour interactive presentation. We had two excellent presenters: Dave Gorman of Dave Gorman Financial Services Inc., and Joanne Morgan, Regional Director of H&R Block. They gave freely of their time to answer questions on RRSPs, RRIFs, Pension Splitting, Inheritance of TFSAs and anything anyone could think of related to taxes. This webinar was a great success according to the reactions I am receiving.

Also getting rave reviews was our webinar on Travel Insurance held on February 23rd. Dale Weldon of Johnsons Insurance did his usual great job of covering all aspects of our travel insurance plan and answered every question put forward by the 140 or so participants.

I mention these webinars for a couple of reasons. First, I think you all should know how easy it was to get the above-named resource people to participate on a mid-week evening. One contact with each of them and we were able to put the webinars together on short notice. And, secondly you should know that our intention is to do more webinars. It costs us about $100 for one month for the Zoom extension we need to do large groups. We did two webinars within the month so it was very cost effective. All we will need to do more webinars are good topics of interest to our members and to identify effective resource people. One of the participants last night suggested “Estate Planning” as a future topic. I would love to know if some of you would be interested in that topic and if you have suggestions for other topics. Please leave your comments and ideas in the comment section below.

I should also mention that we could not be putting these webinars on without a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation. When I first suggested the idea of the travel webinar to Online Media, I realized that nobody at NBSRT had organized a webinar for members before. Within a day, I was presented with a plan of action that included online registration using our website, and our mass email platform to get the word out to our members.  The Online Media Committee also announced it on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Many organizations have stagnated during the pandemic, but with your embrace of video conference technology and mass communication, together we have kept NBSRT operating over the last two years.   It hasn’t been easy, but with thinking outside of the box, commitment, and teamwork, we are stronger now than before.

To my/your Executive, who have all offered their services for two more years, and to all of our committee and branch volunteers, and to all of you willing to come together to support your fellow retired teachers, Thank You! I choose to concentrate on you and on positivity from now on. I will continue to be aware of the negative things happening around us but I will put more emphasis and time into recognizing all of the good that happens every day.

And, speaking of positive things, please consider joining us in Woodstock for our in-person AGM on May 10 and 11. The organizing committee is putting together an exciting program with a social and live band on the first evening and I will do my best to make the business meeting as painless as possible – I will actually shoot for enjoyable.

Register on our website www.nbsrt.org

And, consider bringing other members with you.

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  1. RichW87

    A webinar on estate planning is a very timely topic.

  2. RobeF54

    Thanks for the input. Let me think about it and see what we can do.

  3. MargU30

    I think a webinar on estate planning is a great idea. I am, however, wondering if will planning should be a separate topic, especially if the webinar is only an hour long.

    Another topic might be fall prevention for seniors, a more physical presentation but one that could be followed along at home with a combination of demonstration and then practice by audience members.

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