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NBSRT at the Retired Teachers’ Luncheon

So there I am at the awe-inspiring NBTA Retiring Teachers’ Luncheon (RTL they are now calling it) greeting as many people as I can, and it begins to hit me – I am getting older. This realization is usually most apparent when I look in a mirror. Most times I don’t realize it quite so clearly except when I try to stand, sit, walk, or bend. Anyway, the reason for my self-awareness at the RTL was a realization that I had spoken with three former students, and two teachers, who were on my staff in Chatham, and they were all retiring. Where has the time gone?

The Luncheon was a real treat, both literally (lobster) and figuratively. So many smiling faces, mostly on retired/retiring teachers and their guests. But in truth it was hard not to smile in that atmosphere. We were all there to acknowledge and honour the outstanding careers and accomplishments of so many of our retiring colleagues. The atmosphere was electric and a little chaotic at the same time that it was so well organized and enjoyable.

I will go into more detail on the luncheon in the next edition of Reflections but for now I simply want you to know that it went off without any noticeable glitches and the teachers, whether retiring this year or the ones whose retirement luncheons were cancelled due to the pandemic, all seemed to feel special and all certainly appeared to be enjoying their day.

NBSRT was represented by eight Ambassadors, representatives from around the province, who welcomed the retirees and did their best to put everyone at ease. They also took the opportunity to invite everyone, who wasn’t yet a member, to join us. I wish you could have seen them working the tables with huge grins on their faces and being so pleasant and inviting. I almost wanted to sign up again.

Our Ambassadors to the RTL. It’s hard to tell but I am holding 27 of the registrations they collected (with more to come). L to R: Lucy McLaughlin, Anne Riordan, Randy Hunter, Charlotte Casey, Della Webster, Lynn Coy, and yours truly. Rod and Pam Campbell were also there but must have still been engaging teachers when we took the picture.

I was thrilled to bring greetings on your behalf and tried to have a bit of fun with everyone while making it clear that we really want all of them as members. NBTA had place-cards on the tables acknowledging our support and NBSRT was mentioned and thanked for our support a number of times through the AGM and the luncheon. All around, it was a very successful weekend for NBTA, retired teachers, and NBSRT.


Our AGM ’23 was held at the Radisson Hotel in Fredericton on May 9th and 10th. If you have been following our posts leading up to NBSRT AGM ’23, you will know all about the program that the incredible Organizing Committee and our Wellness Committee put together for us, so I won’t spend too much time reviewing them. I will just tell you that everything was so well organized and engaging and I may have found my new sport in pickle ball. Everyone enjoyed their selected activities and were in a great mood for the social.

The meeting on the 10th could not have gone more smoothly. Committee and Director Reports were informative and to the point. We received the financial statements for ‘22/’23 and approved a budget for ‘23/’24, and we reviewed and approved a 3-to-5-year Strategic Plan. There was plenty of discussion, a few laughs, and some great prizes made by retired teachers or their spouses. We finished all of our business in record time and the evaluations were extremely positive.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped in the planning, participated in the on-site organization, or simply attended and participated in any way. Special thanks to Rod Campbell, his Steering Committee, and to the Wellness Committee led by Ann Kennedy and Garth Wade.

Also special thanks to Dale MacRae for his help with registration, uploading all documents to the website and preparing them for the AGM Booklet, and for all of his onsite technical assistance.

Thanks to all of you for sticking with us.

Best wishes for a joyous summer with family and friends!

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