GMART’s Christmas Visits

Dec 17, 2020 | Moncton | 2 comments

GMART has a membership of over 400 retired teachers with approximately 20% being retired for twenty-five years or more.  To honour our long-term members, a Christmas card and sweet treat was delivered to each of our 75 members in the Moncton area and 30 cards were sent to those in outlying areas.  All recipients were very appreciative of both our visit and the gift delivered.
Photo:  Lynn Coy delivering Christmas greetings to Melda Garland a long-standing member of GMART.  Christmas wishes to all GMART members.

Submitted by: Lynn Coy

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  1. MargU30

    What a great way to connect with and support members during challenging times. Well done GMART!!

  2. Betty Smith

    Wow! What a great picture. I know Melda certainly appreciated receiving a card and enjoyed the sweet treat especially during this COVID-19 episode! Being cooped up and not being able to associate with fellow NBSRT members on a regular basis has been tough…really tough! But…we will survive and be stronger for it. Hang in there Melda! This too shall pass!

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