Honourary Members


  • Membership in a local branch of the NBSRT.
  • Service to their local branch at the Executive level and/or Senior Committee level, spanning at least a five year period. They should be extensively involved in the branch’s activities and be a visible “presence” – someone who would really be missed if not available.
  • Service to the Provincial Body: Significant Executive level service. This could include some or all of the following over a period of at least five years: Table Officer, Committee Chairperson, ACER-CART Representative, Group Insurance Trustee, completion of significant projects such as a review of the Constitution, or other contributions of similar value.
  • Contribute actively to business meetings at both the local and provincial levels.
PROCEDURE: Nominations, fully supported by written information, are to be submitted to the NBSRT Recording Secretary by December 1st of each calendar year for consideration and ruling by the Executive Officers of the Provincial Body. MAIL NOMINATION TO: Linda Maxwell, Recording Secretary 163 Centennial Drive Moncton, NB E1E 3W9

Dale MacRae

Miramichi Branch


Margaret Urquhart

Saint John Branch


Betty Smith - Central

Betty Smith

Central Branch


Robert Penny

Robert Penny

Vicoria Tobique Branch


Faye Brophy - MARTA

Faye Brophy

Miramichi Branch


Vern Harding - Central

Vernon Harding

Central Branch (1932-2021)


Gail Brown - Kings County

Gail Brown

Kings Branch


Claudia McKeil - GMART

Claudia McKeil

GMART Branch


Roger H Nesbitt - Kings County

Roger H. Nesbitt

Kings County Branch


Pauline Forrest - Carleton

Pauline Forrest

Carleton Branch  (1915-2014)


Majorie Caldwell - Charlotte

Marjorie Caldwell

Charlotte Branch (1919-2022)


Henen Anderson - Saint John

Helen Anderson

St John Branch (1913-2007)


Hamilton Gammon - Bathurst

Hamilton Gammon

Bathurst Branch (1928-2014)


George Little - Saint John

George Little

Saint John Branch (1937-2021)


David McCormack - Central

David McCormack

Central Branch (1932-2009)


Duncan McGeachy - Charlotte

Duncan McGeachy

Central Branch (1927-2019)


Douglas Spinney - Saint John

Douglas Spinney

Saint John Branch (1930-2009)


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