Later Life As An Adventure

Nov 28, 2023 | Wellness News | 1 comment

Join Dr. Bill Randall
Tuesday – Nov 28 @ 7:00 pm

For many us, aging can be secretly viewed in what are implicitly tragic terms—as a narrative of decline, a downward trajectory toward decrepitude and … death.  Such a way of “storying” later life can set us up for (among other things) narrative foreclosure, which can feed the mild-to-moderate depression to which we can be susceptible in the face of the challenges of later life. 

William L (Bill) Randall, EdD, is Professor Emeritus of Gerontology at Saint Thomas University. Brought up in Harvey Station, NB, and educated at Harvard, Princeton Seminary, and the University of Toronto, he taught at STU from 1995 to 2022. During this time, he helped to pioneer a unique perspective on later life known as narrative gerontology.  

He has over 70 publications on this theme, including ten books, such as The Stories We Are (U of T Press 1995/2014), Reading Our Lives (Oxford University Press 2008), and The Narrative Complexity Of Ordinary Life: Tales From The Coffee Shop (Oxford 2015).

A former United Church minister, he is interested in late life spiritual development and in aging as adventure. From January to March, 2024, he will be a Visiting Fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University.

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  1. RobeF54

    This is part of a presentation to Wellness reps at our last AGM. It was very well received by them and we think everyone can benefit from Bill Randall’s presentation. Aging as an Adventure sounds pretty intriguing to me. I hope everyone will join us. Register today.

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