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Apr 30, 2022 | Notice | 0 comments

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Mary Campbell has written another inciteful review – this time about “The Sound of Fire” by New Brunswick author Renee Belliveau.

Mary writes “. . . this is a book that begs to be read. It’s that good.”

Read the complete review HERE.


More cash winners in Restigouche Branch.

Read all about who won $50 gift certificates this month, but before you do . . . can you identify the two folks in this picture on the right? No prize if you’re right, but you can have bragging rights by leaving a comment below.

Details Here.

A New SPOT Light

We feature another of our members in the latest SPOT Light.

Read the story HERE.

Check out the Wellness Committee’s “wellness challenges” for May.

Get all of the details HERE

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Last week's poll was so close with only 2 votes separating the 3 choices! 1st:Short Video, 2nd:Official Minutes, 3rd:Succinct Summary! Interpretation of these are very useful for the Online Media Committee! What are your other viewing preferences?

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