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Merit Awards Criteria

Certificate of Merit Guidelines
1. The Certificate of Merit may be awarded by either a Local Branch Executive to a local branch member, or by the Provincial Executive to a member involved at the provincial level; and shall serve as a “thank you” to any member in good standing for dedicated service to his/her fellow members in the NBSRT.

2. The criteria used by the Local Branch Executive and the Provincial Executive to select the recipient(s) of the Certificate of Merit should be general in nature, but shall clearly identify the recipient(s) as deserving of recognition.

3. Certificates of Merit awarded by the Local Branch shall be signed by the Local Branch President, and Certificates of Merit awarded by the Provincial Executive shall be signed by the Provincial President of the NBSRT.

4. Certificates of Merit shall be supplied by the NBSRT to Local Branches based on the number requested by the Local Branch President; however those Local Branches that prefer to award their own Certificate of Merit, Certificate of Recognition, Certificate of Appreciation, etc. may continue to do so at the branch’s expense.

5. Certificates of Merit provided by the Provincial NBSRT, and awarded by the Local Branch shall be prepared by the Local Branch, including appropriate framing. The Local Branch may apply to the Provincial NBSRT for reimbursement for receipted expenses directly associated with preparing the certificates for presentation.