Photo Challenge

Nov 27, 2020Branches2 comments

Lots of NBSRT members are out and about, and staying physically active … and those same members are taking lots of photos as they hike, fish, golf, skate, or just sit and enjoy a peaceful view.  Garth Wade, Sylvie Malo-Clark and Diane Nealis were just a few of those active members who sent a picture entry to the photo challenge.

Click HERE to see some of the photos from the Wellness Photo Challenge.



  1. BarrH20

    I enjoyed looking at your photo submissions. As we gear up for a “winter of isolation” why not have a contest displaying the beauty of winter. As a side comment, the new website is excellent and very easy to sign into.

    • admin

      Thanks for your great idea. We’ll put it on our “to do” list.


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