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Jun 29, 2021NBSRT News3 comments

Bob FitzpatrickI find it so hard to believe that my first year as your President is behind us. We have had a successful year, but it has been very strange to be so limited in opportunities to see and meet with our members. Still, we have managed to carry on the business of NBSRT at the branch and provincial levels.

At the provincial level, we have continued to monitor group insurance and pension activities. We have carried out wellness activities, provided scholarships and, of course, we have done all we can to keep you informed through our website, social media, and Reflections Magazine.

Our Branches have found new and innovative ways to serve our members. Branches have held monthly draws, sent cards, gift cards and/or personal messages to members, especially older and isolated members. Branches have carried out Zoom activities like readings, guest speakers and social get togethers. And branch executives have continued to meet to look after member interests and think of new ways to serve.

As another year comes to an end I want to call your attention to some of our highlights:

  • Marg Urquhart and Dale MacRae received Honorary Life Memberships for their many years of outstanding service to NBSRT and our members.
  • We have tried a new membership initiative with monthly draws of $100 for one new member and one member who refers a new member. We will have our final $100 draws at the end of July and will draw for a prize of $500 for one new member who joined this year and one member who referred someone.
  • More than 100 of our members volunteered their time to work for their colleagues through NBSRT.
  • We managed to hold Branch, committee, and provincial meetings with little disruption thanks to Zoom and the work of Dale MacRae setting up every meeting we wanted to hold.
  • ACER/CART, our national organization, has ramped up lobbying to get the federal government to implement a National Seniors’ Strategy with special emphasis on seniors’ health care, long term care homes and Pharmacare. We encourage you to become involved by going to our website and seeing what steps you can take to support this initiative. We all need to do what we can to ensure that seniors are better protected going forward.
  • We received many expressions of appreciation for our ad congratulating teachers for their work in this difficult year.

It has been an interesting, strange but encouraging year for us. I hope you have weathered the difficulties and can now begin to enjoy some normalcy with family and friends. I certainly hope to spend as much time as possible with our family and friends. Perhaps the best thing to come out of the last year will be an even greater appreciation for spending time with the ones who mean so much to us.

Take care and have a wonderful summer.

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  1. Richard F Walsh

    It is indeed time to get back to normal Bob! Thanks for your wonderful message!

    • Bob Fitzpatrick

      Thanks Richard. My pleasure

  2. Betty Smith

    Great comments, Bob! I can’t imagine how difficult this year (+) has been for you and the Executive…Thank goodness for Zoom but it certainly is not the same! Carry on…this too shall pass!!!


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