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I need your help!Bob Fitzpatrick

 I need your help in the following three ways:
   1.  Fill out the members’ survey.
   2.  Get to know NBSRT better.
   3.  Help us to enroll more of our retired colleagues

1. The survey is being sent this week to every member for whom we have an email address.  The survey will take just 5-10 minutes and is designed to give us a better understanding of what is important to you and what our priorities should be going forward. (If you don’t receive an email with the survey attached, simply go to our website and go to the “contact” button to send us an email.  Give us your up-to-date email address and we will send the survey.)

2. Know NBSRT so you will be better aware of the many things being done on your behalf by local and provincial leaders.  The list of activities and services provided at the local level is truly amazing.  From reaching out to lonely and isolated members over Christmas and at other times of the year, to providing on-line activities to keep people engaged and stimulated during these challenging times, to providing wellness opportunities and activities to help us stay healthy, our Branches remain very busy working for you.  And, at the provincial level, your volunteer committee members are monitoring and advising on group insurance, pension, wellness, online activities, membership growth, Reflections, national issues through the Canadian Association of Retired Teachers and government relations related to seniors’ issues, to mention a few.

3. Help enroll new members by reaching out to anyone who you know who is retired from teaching in New Brunswick and has not yet joined NBSRT.  We know that the biggest single factor in helping a person to decide to join an organization such as ours is personal contact.  Contact former colleagues and other retired acquaintances and let them know what we are doing and that, as soon as we return to some semblance of order, we will also return to our very popular get togethers in the form of guest speakers, breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners, barbecues and wine and cheese events as well as group wellness activities and outings.

When I was elected President, I committed to carry out a strategic planning process that would include widespread consultation.  I also committed to make NBSRT more relevant to our members, potential members and all of the groups we seek to influence.  In addition, I committed to do all in my power to grow our membership because with numbers comes influence and because I sincerely believe we provide a very valuable service to retired teachers.

Please help to grow and improve our NBSRT

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