Restigouche Shows Appreciation for Teachers

Feb 20, 2021Restigouche, Social Events0 comments

Restigouche Branch took part in Teacher Appreciation Week by sending a little TLC to our active teachers along with a little comfort food as well.  Where possible, pizza for lunch was provided by the Branch with the cost being partly covered by the kind contribution of Pizza Delight – they too wanted to let teachers know how much they are appreciated.  In Jacquet River, coffee & donuts were delivered. 

The teachers’ smiling faces and easy thank you’s rewarded us as well.  Their appreciation was so evident.  It was a win-win all around.

Attached to the comfort food was this note of appreciation:

We want you to know that we think of you often with the greatest admiration.  Your fortitude and your big hearts have never been more evident than during this relentless pandemic.  Now, more than ever, families are so aware of how valuable you are and how important what you do is for the health of the whole community.

You make all of us so proud to have been part of the teaching profession.

A most sincere thank you from The Restigouche Branch of the New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers.


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