Sept Wellness Challenge

Sep 1, 2021 | Wellness News | 0 comments

5 Wellness Challenges for the Month of September
As another school year begins, the NBSRT wellness team are looking forward to another successful year promoting the personal wellness of our membership.  Each month we will place 5 challenges in the wellness section of our website for you to consider attempting.  You are asked to keep a personal record  and let us know how you are doing as you follow your 2021-22 wellness journey.  
1.  Re-organize a closet or junk drawer
2. Watch and take a photo of one sunrise and sunset
3. Do one activity that has a positive impact on the environment
4. Plan, make and eat all meals at home for one week

5. Exercise (your choice) for minimum of 15 min-3x/week

Ongoing challenge:

*Take a photo of a landmark (tree, scenery, etc) on the same day each month for the next 10 months*  send to us in June 2022

Good Luck with your first month of wellness challenges.  Send your comments/thoughts.
Garth Wade
NBSRT Wellness    garthwade145@gmail.com


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