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Jun 24, 2021Branches0 comments

We know many NBSRT members use social media, and we’d like to know which ones you use with a view to incorporating some popular feeds with this website.  You can see NBSRT’s Twitter feed just to the right of this post as an example.  Click on the small black & white “picture icon” to view an image, or click on the “Load More” button to see additional Twitter posts from NBSRT.
Please take a few seconds to answer one checkbox question to help us by clicking on this link:
No names or email addresses are collected, and we’ll publish the results later.

Our Twitter News Feed

Last week poll tells us that participants are only planning to travel within the Atlantic bubble or else they are staying put. Maybe that bodes well for us avoiding a 4th wave!! This week's poll takes us back to a simpler time . .…hop to it!!

One crew member reported aboard the “Max Aitken” in bright sunshine with his rain jacket. Guess who was dry in heavy showers later on.

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