SPOTLIGHT – April 2023

Apr 2, 2023 | Notice, Spotlight | 2 comments

46 And Counting

Restigouche Branch member, Pam Duncan, calls the world her neighborhood after having experienced a life-time of travel around the globe visiting a total of 46 countries at last count. With plans for another Caribbean cruise, a tour of the south’s “Country Music” states, and a trip to Jordon in the Middle East, Pam continues to enjoy her globetrotter status.

Learn more about Pam’s travels HERE

Larry Farrell (January 2023), Jerry/Janet Arsenault (June 2022), Nancy Robinson (May 2022), Nancy James/Nancy Dickson (March 2022), Oscar Boyd (February 2022), Ross Keirstead (January 2022), Darlene Morton (November 2021), Marilyn Upton (October 2021), Mary Hanson (July 2021), Norval McConnell (May 2021), Margaret McKay-McNeil (April 2021), James Page (February 2021), Ross Belyea (January 2021), Trisha Robinson (November 2020), Marjorie Sinclair (September 2020), Betty Smith (April 2020), Mary Riordon-Barry (February 2020), Phyllis Caplin (December 2019)


  1. Lawrence Farrell

    Enjoyed reading about Pam’s travels! Thank you for sharing, Pam.

  2. Marg Urquhart

    Loved reading about Pam Duncan’s globetrotting!!! Brought back wonderful memories. Thanks Pam

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