St Paddy’s Day Trivia Contest

Mar 13, 2021 | Wellness News

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Winner . .  .

Congratulations to Ann Deane, winner of the draw.

Thank you to all who participated.  


St. Paddy’s Day Trivia Contest

Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with NBSRT Wellness – participate in the trivia – send your responses and be placed into a draw for a $10 Tim Horton’s card.
Send your answers to:
. What was Saint Patrick’s claim to fame?
2. What beer sales soar on St. Paddy’s day?
3. What was Saint Patrick’s original day job?
4. Within a 10 year buffer, what year did the colour ‘green’ become associated by St. Paddy’s Day?
5. What U.S. city places dye in their city’s river each year to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day?
6. What symbol was used as a teaching tool to explain ‘The Holy Trinity’?
7. Did you know that Patrick was not originally Irish.  Where was he from?
8. In 1762, the first-ever St. Paddy’s Day parade took place.  In what country did it occur?
9. What mythological being is a part of St. Paddy’s Day lore and Irish culture?
10. What major Catholic holiday does St. Paddy’s Day occur?
Bonus Question:  St. Paddy’s Day is celebrated annually on March 17th, which is the anniversary of what event?

NBSRT Wellness wishes you a Happy and Safe St. Paddy’s Day

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