Victoria Tobique

Victoria-Tobique Branch Exec

Next Branch Election:
Spring 2025

Branch Executive

President: Lucy McLaughlin

Vice-President: Eileen Hansen

Secretary/NBSRT Director: Nanette Chiasson

Treasurer: Shawna Demerchant

Past President: Wendy Caron

Branch email: victoria_tobique@nbsrt.org

Latest Branch News

Spot Light – Nov 2021

Say “Hello” to Darlene Morton – in Gaelic!

BBQ Afternoon

A summer BBQ was recently enjoyed by some members from Victoria-Tobique Branch in warm temperatures under sunny skies.  The approach of winter’s colder temperatures may discourage BBQ get-togethers for a few months, but there are lots of other safe COVID era things we...

Ghost Trains

Eileen Hansen and Nanette Chiasson combined a wellness activity, a history lesson, and international travel – all within a 4-hour drive from either Edmundston or Woodstock, NB to see the Ghost Trains of Northern Maine as part of the Caribou Parks & Recreation...

Branch Photo Gallery

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