Wellness – January ’22 Challenge

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January ’22 Wellness Challenge

We have now reached the first month of 2022.  The New Year has arrived, the NBSRT wellness team is excited to forward to you yet, another 5 challenges for the purpose of promoting the personal wellness of our membership.  We are now in month 5 of our wellness challenges, please  consider attempting as many of the below challenges or create your own.  You are asked to keep a personal record  and let us know how you are doing as you follow your 2021-22 wellness journey.
1.  Reflect on 2021 – think of what made the year unforgettable; what did you enjoy doing?; what/who is the one thing/person you are grateful for?
2.  Write down one thing that you intend to change about yourself in 2022.
3.  Be active (record it) a minimum of 3 times a week during the month.
4.  Daily self-care must do’s:  drink 1 cup of water with lemon; eat protein with your breakfast.  
5.  Add one healthy item to your diet and take away one questionable item for the month.
Bonus: Hey, you must have completed that book?  If you haven’t, get on it.  Let us know what you are reading.  We would love to know what your favorite reads are.
Ongoing challenge: *If you have not started this one, now is the time. *Take a photo of a landmark (tree, scenery, etc) on the same day each month for the next 6 months*  send to us in June 2022 Good Luck with your wellness challenges.  Send your comments/thoughts.

Garth Wade NBSRT Wellness


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