What Is Wellness

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What Is Wellness?

Wellness Is:
  • Knowing what your real needs are and how to get them met;
  • Expressing emotions in ways that communicate what you are experiencing to other people;
  • Acting assertively, and not passively or aggressively;
  • Enjoying your body by means of adequate nutrition, exercise, and physical awareness;
  • Being engaged in projects that are meaningful to you and reflect your most important values;
  • Knowing how to create and cultivate close relationships with others;
  • Responding to challenges in life as opportunities to grow in strength and maturity, rather than feeling beset by “problems”;
  • Creating the life you really want, rather than just reacting to what ‘seems to happen’;
  • Relating to troublesome physical symptoms in ways that bring improvement in condition as well as increased knowledge about yourself;
  • Enjoying a basic sense of well-being, even through times of adversity;
  • Knowing your own inner patterns – emotional and physical – and understanding ‘signals’ your body gives you;
  • Trusting that your own personal resources are your greatest strength for living and growing;
  • Experiencing yourself as a Wonderful Person.
Want to learn something about yourself?   Take a minute and finish the following “unfinished” sentences:
  1. On Saturdays, I like to …
  2. My favourite male and female actors are …
  3. If I could have the car of my choice, I would have …
  4. My ideal holiday would be …
  5. My best friend is …
  6. The thing I like best about my life is …
  7. My favourite past time (hobby, sport, activity) is …
  8. My major goal to accomplish in the coming year is …
  9. One of the biggest challenges I have faced is …
Once completed, review, see if there is anything that surprised you and are there any statements that you can accomplish this year.


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