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Nov 4, 2020 | Wellness News | 5 comments

Win cash prizes …

The “Leave a Comment” cash draw has ended.  If you have suggestions for other website-based draws, let us know at

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Last week's poll was so close with only 2 votes separating the 3 choices! 1st:Short Video, 2nd:Official Minutes, 3rd:Succinct Summary! Interpretation of these are very useful for the Online Media Committee! What are your other viewing preferences?

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  1. Heather Brown

    Looking good! Merry Christmas to all

  2. Barrie Rigby

    Great job, Online Media Crew – a lot of work well done. The latest Facebook post on how to navigate the site was very well done. I find it interesting that when I first accessed the site, I used my iPad & found that the 2 menus appeared as 2 sets of 3 orange lines which became the menus when clicked on. I didn’t think to turn the iPad to the horizontal position to see the menu right away. It wasn’t until I saw the video just published that I saw that the menus appeared right away. Interestingly in the video it didn’t matter if the iPad was vertical or horizontal the menus showed up. I also find it interesting when I put in with the iPad the new site shows up right away but when I do it with the desktop computer, the old site shows up & I have to click on the notice re the new site to get it.

    • admin

      Good point about turning your iPad (or any other tablet) to the horizontal position – the website will display much more naturally if you do. Also, if anyone else is having the old site appear when you enter the new site’s address, try clearing the history and cache on your computer. That should solve the problem.

  3. BarrH20

    I may have been lucky enough to win this draw, but the real winners are the NBSRT members. A lot of time, thought, energy and creativity has produced an excellent website. To all of those involved thank you!!

  4. Nanette

    Congratulations to Barry on his win!